Christmas Decoration Ideas You Can Make At Home!

Get Your Park Home Ready for Christmas!

Decorating your home and turning it into a real-life Santa’s grotto is a great way to lift the spirits, especially after the year we have all had!

Below we have listed some fantastic Christmas decoration ideas that you can make from the comfort of your own home, whilst saving money.

Let’s get crafty!


Wreaths are a wonderfully festive decoration that are sure to warm up any front door! You can order them pre-made, or why not make your own? There are handy kits online that you can have delivered straight to your home. Etsy have some great options, such as this gorgeous dried flower wreath kit, or if you are after something a bit more fancy, there’s this luxurious wreath kit from

If you really want to illuminate your entrance, you could opt for a wreath that uses LEDs or is battery operated. This will light up your door throughout the holidays and provide your home with some much needed festive cheer this year!

Christmas Tree (of course)!

This year is the year of the real tree! With Garden Centre’s allowed to be open, it’s a lovely little day out having a wander round and choosing your perfect tree. With so many different types and styles of trees on the market, you’re sure to find the perfect one for you. If you have a pet, make sure to opt for a tree that has soft needles, as to not spike their little paw pads and also holds them well, for minimal fall out. We’d also recommend watering and misting your tree daily, so the needles stay happy and hydrated for as long as possible.

Once you have your tree, why not go to town this year with your decorations and really add some Christmas sparkle to your living space!

Did you know that you can also buy trees that can be re-planted? This is a brilliant, eco-friendly idea that allows you to have a beautiful real tree, whilst having the peace of mind that it can be replanted and not just thrown away after the holidays. Christmas Tree’s Delivered offer these pot grown trees that can be delivered right to your door. They also offer a recycling service and will come and collect your tree for a small fee when you are finished with it, to create mulch for new planting areas. Perfect!

Festive and Fragrant Orange Slice Tree Decorations

These fruity additions to your tree are a really lovely touch and super easy to make! Simply slice up an orange or two, place on a non-stick baking tray and bake in the oven on a low heat, about 50-70 degrees, with the over door slightly open, (extra benefit, this will make your whole home smell like Christmas). After about an hour, turn them over and continue to bake them until all the moisture has gone in the slices and they are completely dry.

Then, get yourself some ribbon, string or twine – in whatever colour you like – and poke a hole through the top of the orange, below the rind. Thread your ribbon through and, voila! You have yourself a beautiful and natural tree decoration!

Top Tip: Try and arrange your slices so that they are (safely) in front of your fairy lights on your tree. The lights shining through will produce a wonderfully warm, orange glow!

Paper Garlands

It may seem like an obvious one, but good ol’ paper garlands can actually look really effective hanging all together, and are a great way to spend the time when there’s little else to do. Go for a classic snowflake shape or maybe even try something more intricate, the choice is yours! There’s some handy online tutorials to follow along to if you get stuck, such as this one from Makeful.

You could even put all your Christmas cards from your loved ones to good use and hang those up too. Very heartwarming!

Festive Foliage

Going out for a walk? Great! Why not venture to the woods and forage for some pretty festive foliage that you can put in a vase in pride of place on your mantlepiece, dining table, window sill, coffee table… Well, wherever you like really! We would suggest some pine tree cuttings, some sprigs of red berries (make sure you check they aren’t poisonous before you pick), and of course, some classic holly. Tie them all together with some festive red ribbon and you’ve got a fabulous festive bouquet!

Alternatively, if you would rather leave it to the professionals, you can order some festive foliage to your door and help support smaller businesses. Bloom & Wild have a beautiful Christmas selection – including their very cute “Tiny Trees” that are sure to brighten up your home!